Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, we can assist with any tree surgery work, and have a vast range of other services, including site clearance, stump grinding, tree planting and conservation work.


We have an extensive range of modern machinery but are equally proficient in the more traditional methods of tree work and tree care.


It is part of our Company policy to use our arboricultural arisings for wood energy. This means 100% of our waste is converted to carbon neutral energy or used for compost and does not go to landfill.


Our clients include Local Authorities, The Parks Trust, Continental Landscapes Anglian Water, Clancy Docwra and Breheny Civils to name just a few.


Prior to any work, we will visit and assess the work to be carried out free of charge.


We cover Northampton, Beds, London, BucksĀ  and some areas of Cambridgeshire.



Seasoned Firewood For Sale

Our seasoned logs generally contain between 15-20% moisture and sometimes even less. We have cut these trees down ourselves and stored them over the summer months ready to burn in the winter.


The logs are normally a mixture of ash, oak, beech, birch among others. Burn straight away or for best results store indoors for a day.


Bulk buys could gain a discount. We can also deliver.


Tel: 0800 542 7108     Mob: 07745 216 145

345 Dalgin Place, Cambell Park, Milton Keynes  MK9 4AS